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What do we doAt Sherman Hill we believe that business is done through people. How capable your people are, will determine how successful you are.

Developing the capability of your people on a daily basis is not easy and yet your ability to win depends on it. Winning consistently  in business relies totally on your people being capable. Provide poor systems, unclear processes, low resources, even a poorly defined strategy and capable people will find a way to win. Place incapable people in an organization where they have at their disposal excellent systems, clear processes, adequate resources and a winning strategy and that organization will lose.

At Sherman Hill we define capability simply as “the knowledge, understanding, skill and aptitude to succeed”. We have a proven track record in identifying and strengthening capabilities in critical roles. We have found that organisations that have strengthened critical capabilities, not only have higher levels of engagement, but also have consistently higher levels of results.

Welcome to our website. Our intention is for this site to become a source of reference to leaders, HR practitioners and individuals who understand the value of capability in driving high levels of performance.